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The Institute for Finance & Banking mainly deals with the fundamental question: Why do banks play such an important role in a national economy? To be able to answer this question adequately empirical observations regarding relevance and status of banks and the effects of banking measures are being discussed. These observations are compared with theoretical explanations for the existence as well as for the regulation of banks. This focus is reflected in our teaching. A methodologically oriented discussion of current issues of the operational banking business (accounting, controlling and risk management) rounds off our teaching concept. Methodologically, the basics of the game theory and quantitative methods of the modern capital market and finance theory are taught and applied.

Your profile:

  • You are interested in corporate finance and banking covering the practical as well as theoretical point of view.
  • You are interested in modern financial-related economic methods and have a good basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics.
  • Your future field of work is in the international financial industry, related institutions or in finance departments of large industrial companies.

Our teaching concept:

  • In our classes we teach and provide you with scientifically proven and practice-related analytical methods, solution approaches and available options for suitable actions. Our aim is to impart theoretical subject matter and concepts and the discussion of their validity by empirical verification.
  • As your future employer expects you to transfer the acquired knowledge to real economic szenarios, we offer courses in which you can apply the acquired knowledge and skills precisely (i. e. in seminars and workshops with selected practice partners).
  • Your communication skills will pay a significant role in your future career. We therefore lay great emphasis on a professional presentation of your research results in some of our couses, e. g. in our advanced seminar.
  • Final theses in cooperation with practice partners are actively supported by our chair.

Teaching /Learning material:

For each course you will receive a detailed set of slides which clearly summarizes and presents the most important aspects of the course. The sets of slides are available as download in LSF at the respective course. Moreover, you will be given selected bibliographic references which make it easier to understand the basic, fundamental inter- and correlations. It also facilitates preparing for the exam.